T. Koppel
Design, Inc.

Mondo Cane


4 colors

Promotional, graphic design, Poster, invitation

Once Mondo Cane moved to their larger space in Tribeca, they had room for a gallery, and Jim Oliveira was among the first to show there. The sample of the art in the background of these announcements is actually a vast enlargement of some small semi-opaque brush strokes reflecting the roots of these works in Italian glass techniques. 

Mondo Cane

8.5” x 11”

30 pages

editorial, graphic design,  pamphlet

Another show in their gallery space was given for paintings and sculpture by Robert Loughlin. Robert was a unique combination of artist and seminal figure in the appreciation of mid-century modern design. A world-class "picker," and perhaps the most knowledgeable person on the mid-century scene, he was an associate of Warhol's and often made sculptures by painting on objects that he "couldn't sell." I first got to know him as a design dealer, and upon discovering that he was an artist, bought some works from him as well.